Welcome to the Krebs Lab!
The focus of our laboratory is to understand how DNA transactions such as transcription and DNA repair are accomplished in the context of chromatin. We are particularly interested in understanding how the Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor (WSTF), a subunit of several chromatin remodeling complexes, is involved in development, and how WSTF haploinsufficiency may contribute to the clinical profile of patients with Williams Syndrome. We are also interested in understanding how histone modifications are involved in DNA damage repair, and how nuclear genome stability and mitochondrial genome stability are interlinked.
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Oya Yazgan, PhD

Shannon Uffenbeck, M.S.

David Robinson

Hui-Ching Kuo

Chris Barnett

Nicole Stopa

Sara Dirscherl, Ph.D.

Hui-Ching Kuo, M.S.

John Moore, M.S.

Yeganeh Ataian, M.S.

Sreepurna Malakar, M.S.

Elvin Brown, Ph.D.

Ben Harrison, Ph.D.

Steve Humpal

Scott Pavey, M.S., Ph.D.

Ian Williams, M.S.

Past undergraduate, HS, postbacc and medical student researchers


Craig Peterson UMass Medical School

Jonathan Henry University of Illinois Urbana

Mary Ann Osley UNM Health Sciences Center